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Jodie Marsh: ‘I wouldn’t say no to Frankie Cocozza’

Jodie Marsh: ‘I wouldn’t say no to Frankie Cocozza’

Jodie Marsh’s got a bit of a reputation as a man-eater. And Frankie Cocozza seems like the type of guy who wouldn’t mind getting eaten up and spat out by her.

A match made in sexy Heaven, right?

Apparently not.

We were surprised to hear that Frankie had asked out the model and part-time body builder a while back and she’d turned him down flat.

The couple got friendly after meeting on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, when Frankie was a contestant and Jodie came into the house to supervise a body building task.

“I texted Jodie to ask her out. I f**king love her. But she's having none of it. Anyway, she couldn't handle me,” Frankie said.

The start of a beautiful romance?

But it seems like Jodie may have changed her mind.

“He's always after a bit of The Marsh! When I'm feeling naughty, I'll text him some real filth, just to wind him up. He'll ring me back saying, ‘Oh my God! Why are you doing this to me?’” she told Zoo magazine.

“I wouldn't say no to Frankie. But once I have some sex, I'm going to need it every day. I don't want to unleash the beast and then have someone who can't give me that - and Frankie is always off partying!”

Perhaps it’s best we keep that beast in its cage then…

The Only Way Is Essex boys

Jodie also spoke about the lack of potential suitors in her home county, Essex.

“You've seen The Only Way Is Essex – those kind of boys wouldn't be enough for me,” she said.

“I like cheeky, young lads, but look at Joey Essex. He's a diamond, but he couldn't handle me for 30 seconds! I want a man who can give me what I need in the bedroom.”


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