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Justin Bieber lends his song to documentary: “I was bullied”

Justin Bieber walking

Justin Bieber says he used to be bullied, and is now he’s lending one of his songs to a documentary about the subject in the States.

The superstar singer has allowed his song Born To Be Somebody to be used in a US documentary called Bully.

The 18-year old told Showbiz Tonight: "I was bullied. Most people in their lifetime have been bullied at some point… "

Justin said it was about time "people start making a change" and stop letting bullying happen. “A lot of the time, principals let it go, or teachers let it go, or other students just let it go, but I think this movie's really powerful and can help change a lot of lives.”

The Boyfriend singer also urged people who witness bullying to speak up.

"If you're a bystander, too, tell somebody - because a lot of times, it's just not spoken of, and you ended up - you end up keeping it all inside, and then it just hurts even more."

Along with celebrities such as Meryl Streep, Jonny Depp and Ellen Degeneres, Justin got involved with a campaign to get the Bully documentary reduced from an ‘R’ rating to a PG-13.

It started as a viral online petition for the Motion Picture Association of America to reduce the rating so young people wouldn't be required to have parental supervision when watching the film.

Justin says he is proud being involved with Bully, crediting his fans with helping out. He says: "My fans are always up for supporting a great cause. It's one of the things I'm most proud of as an entertainer. I hope they see Bully with their friends and help start the conversation so we can end bullying."


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