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Lady GaGa sucks on crystal dummies

Lady GaGa sucks on crystal dummies

We’re never really surprised by the bizarre goings on of Lady Gaga, but when we found out about this, we were a little taken aback.

Lady Gaga has spent thousands of dollars on a set of crystal dummies to suck on while she’s on her European tour, which starts later this month in Seoul.

She’ll be wearing diamond encrusted bibs next.

Each dummy in the pricey collection has a different meaning, and the You and I singer sucks on a particular one depending on her mood.

The dummies include Fire Agate for sexuality and creativity, Aegirine for cleansing and purification and Agates to awaken higher dimensional energies.

“GaGa is a great believer in these crystals,” a source told The Sun.

“She’s got them all over her pad and she has had them made into dummies so she can take them on tour.

“GaGa thinks sucking the crystal will install the energies in her body and mind quicker.

“It sounds strange but she’s adamant they work.”

Lady Gaga keeps these precious dummies in a special box with other personal belongings, which she won’t let anybody go near.

Pre-tour concerns

Lady Gaga’s not just worried about losing her dummies while she’s on tour – she’s concerned that the planet Mercury is going to retrograde, which star-gazers believe causes bad luck.

“GaGa is worried as she wants the stars to be aligned when she hits the road. She follows her horoscopes closely and has been looking ahead for when she’s away,” a source said.

Mercury’s due to retrograde, which is where a planet seems to be travelling backwards through the sky, between July 15 and August 8.

“She’s a typical Aries – outgoing with a sense of adventure,” the source added.

“But when she found out Mercury is likely to go retrograde, she wasn’t happy and has been talking it through with her spiritual team.”


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