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Liam Payne: "Sometimes I just want to go home"

Liam Payne:

It looks like a lot of celebrities are feeling the fame-funk this month. Just earlier today we reported on Katy Perry's distaste for the attention that being a successful pop artist brings. Now, it's One Direction star Liam Payne that's feeling the pressures of fame.

Currently at the height of their teeny-bopper careers, One Direction have gone down a storm over in the US, their music scared a record-breaking number one in the US Billboard chart and they're still promoting themselves on the other side of the pond. Heck, they even co-hosted the last Saturday Night Live.

Still, despite all of the great press and attention, Liam is struggling to take it all in and even says that sometimes he just wants to go home. The 18-year-old stresses,

"It's all happening so fast, it's hard to take it all in...Sometimes it's only when I'm on my own, that I think about everything and sometimes I think I would quite like to just go home...There's a part of me that occasionally wants to go back to Wolverhampton and just chill out, play the field, be normal again...It's a Catch 22 situation, I guess."

Despite the singer saying how priveleged he feels to be in such a successful group, we understand his want to just be a normal 18-year-old and hang out with his mates and girlfriend. The star continued,

"I am looking forward to having some time off...My girlfriend keeps telling me that we need to get away, go abroad somewhere, just to get away from everything."

Well Liam, if you ever want a stand-in, there are plenty of boys here at Heat towers that would love to cover you for a few weeks.


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