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Zac Efron on love: 'I've not met 'The One' yet'

Zac Efron on love: 'I've not met 'The One' yet'

Earlier today, we gave you a wonderful array of images of Zac Efron. Why? Because he's fit and we know there are lots of you out there who would totally appreciate it.

And although he may be here to talk about his brand new film, The Lucky One, Zac Efron has also been discussing far more interesting things while in London – such as, the state of his love life. So for those who adore this handsome and rather grown up ZEfron as much as we do, we have good news... this is a man who likes being in a relationship. *squeal*

Zac revealed, “I’m not a big dater, I go from girlfriend to girlfriend. Since I was 17, I’ve only had two main girlfriends. I’m new to dating.”

The star spilled the beans at the European premiere of The Lucky One last night, which took place last night. And despite looking seriously cosy with pretty co-star Taylor Schilling (we caught them holding hands – but we think that was more because she was nervous about her big walk down the red carpet), Zac says he still hasn’t met the woman he is going to marry (all right ladies, we all had the same idea – form an orderly queue and make sure it’s behind us).

“Have I met ‘the one’ already? No, I think she’s still out there,” he explained.

Yes! Zac! We are still out here. Hello? *waves *


And as if this news wasn’t enough to floor all women across the land, Zac also inadvertently exposed himself as a really sweet, thoughtful boyfriend (which is what we fully expected from him anyway).

He said, “I’m not a gift buyer, I like to write poems and songs and make paintings.”

Right… and this man is still single because…?

Oh and thankfully there weren’t any condom-dropping incidents this time round though, so it’s all good people. It’s all good.


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