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Max Clifford advised Simon Cowell not to talk to biography author

Unless you’ve been without access to the Internet or newspapers for the last couple of days then you’ll know all about a certain scandalous new unofficial biography about Simon Cowell.

The book lifts the lid on Simon’s private life, which is intriguing for us but frustrating for Simon’s PR man Max Clifford. The media guru chatted to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning, er, this morning and revealed that he urged Simon not to cooperate with the book’s author Tom Bower.

“First of all [Simon] hasn't done it [the biography]... it’s Tom Bower and Tom does his own thing his own way as everybody knows - Mohammed Al Fayed and Bernie Ecclestone... and I think Bernie's advice to Simon was ‘talk to him, cooperate with him’ because it will be better for you if you do,” insisted Max.

“My attitude was the opposite... Tom only does what he wants to do and the more controversial and sensational the more it's going to sell.”

The master PR manipulator then explained to Pip and Holly that he’d spent years ensuring certain stories about Simon didn’t become public

“You've got one or two stories - there's a hundred you haven't got and hopefully you won't have... but the fact of the matter is, my advice was ‘don't talk to Tom’ because if you do people will think that you've worked with him on the book as opposed to him coming out with a book and you saying ‘well, that's Toms view of everything, but I've never spoken to him.’”

“The big problem I've had with this is because a lot of it from Simon's own words, and this is a man who for ten years I protected and always was desperately, desperately keen to have a private life and keep his private life very private.”

What do you think about Simon’s scandal?


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