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Oh dear Rihanna, what’s going on in this photo?

Oh dear Rihanna, what’s going on in this photo?

Rihanna has been sharing lots of photos on Twitter and Facebook (yesterday she posted some topless photos), to let her fans know what she is doing. Her latest picture on Instragram shows her sat on a man’s shoulders doing something with a strange white powder on his head. Curious.

Here is what we think could be going on

  • Rihanna is making a cake, she is measuring out the baking powder on his head because she’s run out of work surfaces. Silly Ri Ri.
  • The man is so tall he banged his head on the ceiling. Some plaster fell off and on to his head. Rihanna is bushing it off for him.
  • It was a sunny day so Rihanna decided to rub some after-sun into her friend’s head, special after-sun that is in powder form.
  • Her friend has really bad dandruff, but he is really self-conscious about it. Rihanna doesn’t want to make a big thing out of it so she’s carefully arranging it in lines so she can wipe it away. That’s what friends do.
  • Rihanna loves sherbet and dancing. She fancied some sherbet but didn’t want to stop having a boogie so put it on her friend’s head so she could have some sherbet without leaving the dance floor.


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