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Eww! Watch Niall Horan spit out Vegemite on Australian TV

We’ve all heard about the fun the One Direction boys had during their US tour.But things have taken a turn for the worse for Niall Horan since arriving in Sydney for the band’s tour of Australia.Niall was given Vegemite spread to try for the first time live on TV.

Turns out he’s not that keen.

Niall didn’t even try and pretend he was enjoying his first taste of Oz’s version of Marmite and spat it straight out. What would you mother say, Niall?

The 1D fellas were being interviewed on breakfast show Sunrise when they were each asked to try a different Australian delicacy – don’t worry, there weren’t any kangaroo testicles or wallaby penises on the menu.

1D’s Aussie menu

Zayn Malik was lucky enough to be given Pineapple Lumps, which are chocolate covered pineapple sweets.Louis Tomlinson tried Caramello chocolate.Liam Payne also had it easy when he was offered some local biscuits, Tim-Tams.

Moving onto savoury treats, Harry Styles chomped down on a meat pie, which he seemed to be a fan of. But poor old Niall looked nervous as he bit down on his Vegemite on toast and he had every reason to have a look of fear on his face.

Niall took to Twitter after the interview to make his thoughts on Vegemite quite clear – as if they weren’t clear enough already.

He wrote: “Can clearly say vegemite is horrible! Like tryin new stuff though.”

Looks like Vegemite really is like Marmite – you either love it or hate it.



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