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Tulisa Contostavlos "I eat baby food"

Tulisa Contostavlos

We'll, we've always wondered how some of these female celebs maintained such gorgeous figures. We have to admit we've invested in an endless amount of celebrity workout tapes, recipe tips and even boot camps. Heck, we've pretty much carried their careers! So you can imagine our shock when singer and X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos admitted to indulging herself in baby food from time to time.

Okay, so she's not actually endorsing the food for weight loss purposes, but still...pretty weird. Tulisa revealed on the Chris Moyles show,

"Is it weird I like baby food, the fruit salad stuff?...I really used to like the stuff Milupa made but I don't think they sell it anymore...Now and again I get a craving for it. Mix milk in and it's like flavoured Ready Brek."

We suppose the stuff can't taste too bad, but we don't think we'd buy it as a treat. Not when there's a big tub of ice-cream or takeaway pizza for us to inhale in one fail swoop.

The star also revealed on the show that she's going to get her personal secretary to vet future potential boyfriends and keep an eye on her relationship, which seems like a smart move after the recent sex tape scandal the star endured. If you want to read more about Tulisas love life then pick up a copy of the latest Heat, in which she features pretty heavily.

Still, is it just us or is baby food a it of a strange indulgence? We'll admit, there was at heavy night out where we crashed on our friends sofa and when we woke up the nearest snack available was a packet of rusks... At the time we were more than happy to tuck in. But what we want to know if what is your weird craving? Whether you love baby food or are partial to a bit of the cat's dinner, we want to know about it.


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