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heatworld has a chat with Cheska Hull from Made In Chelsea

heatworld has a chat with Cheska Hull from Made In Chelsea

heatworld grabbed five minutes with Cheska Hull at the Ariella Couture fashion show. This is what she had to say.

How are things with the show?

Things are really good right now, I'm really loving life. I'm really fortunate to be involved with Made In Chelsea as a project. It's gone on and become much more viewed, and it's gone international which is amazing. So I suppose I feel really fortunate enough to be involved in it at the moment.

Are you happy with how series three is going?

Oh completely, the viewing figures are bigger than ever, people seem to be really interested in what's going on. I think it takes time for people to get involved in watching a constructed reality show, because it takes time to get to know the characters, who's who and opinions and things like that, but I think now it seems people are really loving it!

You also have a clothing store?

I do! I have a fashion boutique called Amelia's Attic which is in Devon, in Salcombe, which my mother owns, I do a lot of the buying for that and a bit of designing. I'm obviously a very keen follower of fashion which is why I'm here tonight. I'm wearing a dress from Ariella – I've been filming all evening so I've been wearing my dress.

How long does it take from when you film the show to when we see it on TV?

We film the show two months in advance, and I think it's a really good formula because they're able to make it look very glamorous and glossy. When you watch Made In Chelsea, a lot of what people say about it is that it looks so good on camera. The way the streets are, even pouring drinks out at the bar, it always looks perfect. And when we film, if it's obvious that there's a bit missing in a scene, like they need someone to have a discussion with someone to make something work, then we can do that. Whereas with some shows that are filmed three days in advance, it's harder to get that perfection. But then I think they benefit from being more in time with reality, they can cover day to day events like Titanic recently on TOWIE, or Halloween, and we can't really do that.

Does that make it difficult in terms of people asking you what's happening on the show?

Oh yeah, it makes it really hard. For example if you had a boyfriend and you break up with him, people then see you on the street and say, “I'm so sorry about what happened”,but little do they know that it happened two months ago! You could have moved on, you could have a new boyfriend, anything, you could be getting married! You can't release that though and you can't let people know what's going on right then because they have to wait and see. So it is hard for us, but we're now a year on down the line and we're used to that. So it is our lives. But you kind of live it double, you live it, then you wait for it to come out – then you re-live it when you watch it.

Without giving away too much, can you tell us a little about what's going on between you and Richard that we've seen in the show lately?

Richard is a very dear friend of mine and obviously what you're seeing at the moment is some flirtation and I can't give away what's going to happen, but I'm very much a girl, like any other girl, who is looking for love – or a boyfriend really to be honest! But love would be nice too, and that might happen with Richard, but it might not. I can't give away what will happen, but he is a lovely guy and whatever happens he'll always be a very dear friend of mine. So we'll see!

Ollie recently called you a modern day Bridget Jones, is that something that you embrace?

Well I'm a big fan of Bridget Jones, full stop! I think she's fantastic. I think Bridget Jones is a fabulous woman and apart from the whole, 'single, doom and gloom' part, she stands up for things that a lot of women believe in, which is being passionate at work, standing up for herself and being opinionated and I definitely would say that is a big side of me. I am quite useless with guys... But I don't necessarily know if that's a bad quality, I think that's just me and I'm sure one day I'll find a Prince charming, I hope! But on the show I'm still single, so we'll see.

We have to ask, why is Ollie so obsessed with Union Jack prints?!

Ah, OK, so Ollie's Union Jack obsession started when he used to work on the door of a nightclub called Maggies, which is a very eighties, Margaret Thatcher inspired club in Chelsea. It's very popular – it's kind of like the cool place to go, and he used to work there. So his wardrobe consisted of very crazy, British, eighties style clothes and he bought a pair of jeans with a Union Jack on and wore them to filming at the beginning of series one. From that pair of jeans, everyone started sending him Union-Jack-everything! And our house is literally full, it's like a flag.

Are you still living together?

Yeah we still live together. I said to him, “One day you're going to wake up and you will be a Union Jack flag!”, it's literally everything. Obviously he's very patriotic and we all love the flag, he thinks it's great, but it's kind of just happened. I go out and I see something Union Jack and obviously I buy it for him and before you know it...!

Since the start of the show, you, Ollie and Binky have been like the three musketeers – is that something that we'll see continue throughout the new series?

I'd say we'll always be good friends, all three of us, I think every friendship in life goes through it's ups and downs. Obviously in series two Binky and I had a little bit of a clash at one point, but we patched things up and we're still very close. But yeah, when you have three very close best friends who always disagree with each other, it's the nature of friendship and I think that's fine – but Binky and Ollie will always be my best friends.

Especially Olly, he's my flatmate as well and I think we'll grow old together, even if we both get married and have kids or whatever, we'll always be in each other's lives. Binky as well, but she's more of a wild child, so even though she's always there she does tend to do her own thing. We're always there for her and she always comes running back to us.


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