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Matt LeBlanc had knee and shoulder rebuilt after stunts

Matt LeBlanc had knee and shoulder rebuilt after stunts

In his most famed role as Friends' reclining-couch-potato Joey Tribbiani, Matt LeBlanc wasn't at much risk of injuring any part of his body. But apparently there was an occasion where he damaged his shoulder during a stunt (the lunging, perhaps?).

He told The Sunday Times Culture magazine about all the times he's been in the wars. When he was asked if he has any scars, he said: "[I have] one [scar] on my cheek from the corner of a marble coffee table, one from when I went to sack the quarterback [no, us neither] and his buck teeth hit me in the head…"

He continued: "One on the back of my head where I fell off a barn onto a pile of bricks, one from a beer bottle in New York…"

He explained that he ran into some trouble on the Friends set and needed serious medical help: "I had my shoulder rebuilt after a stunt in Friends and my knee rebuilt after a motorcycle third-gear wheelie got away from me."

Teaches you not to show off and do wheelies on a motorbike, Matt!

The Lost In Space actor, who was given his own (terrible) spin-off show after Friends came to an end, also told The Observer that people often expect him to be as upbeat and stupid as Joey: "People will speak slowly to me sometimes. And they always ask me if I'm all right, because I'm much more low-key and reserved than my character in Friends.

"They think that I'm depressed, or I'm sad, or upset."

Or they think he's in agony from all the accidents he gets himself into...


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