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Exclusive: Kristen Stewart "sad" she couldn't attend London premiere.

Exclusive: Kristen Stewart

One of Kristen Stewart's co-stars have revealed to heatworld she was "sad" to miss the London premiere of her breakout film, On The Road.

The official line has always been that Kristen was never 100 per cent confirmed to attend tonight's premiere at Somerset House of the film and her no-show had nothing to do with the scandal following her affair with married director Rupert Sanders.

But when it was finally confirmed Kristen would not be attending alongside co-star Tom Sturridge - who also, let's not forget, happens to be Robert Pattinson's best friend - it's fair to say a few rumours started.

Now, actor Danny Morgan has revealed to heatworld that KStew did actually want to attend after all. Asked it he thought it was a shame Kristen wasn't attending, Danny told us: "Yeah it's a shame. We would have all loved her to be here and it would've been great and I know she's sad she can't be here.

"She would've loved to be here because I know she's so proud of this film and her performance in it and she's amazing in it. People will be blown away by it. She's incredible."

The film, which also stars Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen and a host of other stars, had been billed as Kristen's big post-Twilight dramatic role.

Unsurprisingly, Tom refused to be drawn on the subject. Asked if Rob was ok, he told us: "I don't want to talk about it. I don't talk about my friends behind their backs."

Sam Riley, who heads up the cast, however towed the party line and claimed Kristen was never expected to come. "I don't think she was every due to come," he said. "It's a shame Garret's [Hedlund] not here as well and Kirsten [Dunst], but I'm sure there'll be another one another time."

In fact, it was revealed tonight that Kristen WILL make an appearance on the red carpet of the Toronto Film Festival, next month, when the movie is screened there.

The festival starts on September 6... though we're not sure we can wait that long to find out what she has to say!


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