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Exclusive! Tom Daley on his sexy six-pack - "I have a fear of getting fat"


Check out this week’s heat magazine (on sale now) for our amazing exclusive interview with Tom Daley where he chats to us about Cheryl Cole, new girl Kassidy and…er, condoms! Plus he also shows off his famous six-pack in a sexy Clark Kent style photo-shoot.
But here on heatworld we thought we’d treat you to some juicy extra bits from our natter with Team GB’s diving star. Don’t say we don’t treat you well!

You’ve got the most famous six-pack in the world. Will you be able to cope if you ever lose it?

When I finish diving I will become a fitness freak. It’s hard because if you are an athlete and you stop, you’ll put on weight so easily so it’s important for me that I keep it going.

We’ve heard you have a fear of getting fat…

Yeah. I do want to make sure that I don’t lose my shape. I want to stay in shape.

But at the start of the year your coach told you that you were fat. How did you cope!?

I was a bit fat! I’ve lost quite a bit of weight. Generally making sure that I’m a lot leaner, I have a lesser body fat percentage. Basically I have less weight to jump up in the air so in theory I jump higher. I was 75 kilos and on competition day I was 67.5 kilos. I cut out sweets and ice-cream. I still have to be careful now, although I did have an omelette for breakfast today instead of cereal which was bad of me.

So what celebs do you think have perfect bodies?

Ooooh, let’s have a think. I love that I’m talking about this while I’m eating a cake. (heat: We can confirm he was eating a chocolate muffin and got most of it all around his face, bless.) For girls it has to be Cheryl, Molly from The Saturdays, Megan Fox.

And what sport has the sexiest athletes?

Um, diving is pretty good. Basically because they are constantly on show they like to keep tabs on themselves but then also synchronised swimmers. And gymnasts are pretty good.
Read the FULL interview and see more exclusive pictures of Tom in this week's issue of heat - on sale now!


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