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Madonna and her brother have finally made up

Madonna and her brother have finally made up

Madonna and her brother Chris have reportedly kissed and made up after things all went a bit sour in 2008 when he released the book, Life With My Sister Madonna.

We’re guessing he’ll take that off his bookshelf when she nips round for a cuppa then.

Siblings reunited…

Speaking recently the 51-year-old said that things have gone back to how they used to be and that the fall out is all water under the bridge.

“We've gotten to a point where, as far as I'm concerned, we're back to being a brother and sister and this is a good place for me. What happens between us is private now and there's no other books coming out.”

Madge can sleep easy now.

Chris Ciccone

It’s not been an easy road for the siblings though – well, after writing an entire book about her, how could it be.

‘It's taken a bit to get there, as I understand, but she's my sister and from this point on it's us as brother and sister.

A mutual love of…shoes

Chris recently launched a new range of footwear and has made clear that although they aren’t in a business relationship yet –  he'll be getting the Vogue singer a pair.

‘We haven't spoken specifically about the collection itself. We have a strictly brother-sister relationship right now. Obviously, I'm sure I'll send her some shoes.

Lucky Madge. His line features the best the world of rubber has to offer in an ecclectic collection of fetching wellington boots and rubber soled brogues.

We’ll be keeping an eye on her feet Chris, don’t you worry.


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