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Michelle Heaton reveals her plans for double mastectomy and to have her ovaries removed

michelle heaton red dress daybreak

The past four months have been difficult for Michelle Heaton. The former Liberty X singer discovered that she has the mutated BRCA2 gene, which means she has a greatly increased chance of developing both breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

Michelle has now decided to have both her breasts removed and also to have her ovaries removed before she reaches 40, explaing her decision on Daybreak she has said,

“I feel like it's no-brainer. Right now I know it's not particularly 80 per cent but every day that goes past I'm constantly feeling my breasts. I'm looking for things that aren't even there, I'm worried, I'm looking for side affects and I just think that preventative surgery is the best option for me.

michelle heaton red dress daybreak

“It's not for everybody,” the mum of one continues, “but talking to other women and talking to people who have gone through it and talking to women who didn't have the preventative surgery but later contracted cancer, is enough for me to realise that this is the best option for me. So I'm hoping that it can be done sooner rather than later so I can just get on with things,” Michelle confirmed.

“Once I've had the breast procedure, I then have to think about the ovaries. So the plan for that is that I'm going to hopefully have another child in a couple of years and then I will get my ovaries removed pre-forties. That's my decision; I'm going to go for that procedure as well. When exactly that will be I'm not sure, but it will be before I'm 40, I've made that decision.”

michelle heaton red dress daybreak

An understandably emotional Michelle also thanked all the people who’d been looking after her and helping her through the process of making such a tough decision,

“I just want to say a massive thank you to Breakthrough Breast Cancer and yourself, because if it wasn't for these two things coming together, I wouldn't have the information that I have now, so thank you.”

We’re sending our best wishes to Michelle.




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