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Mila Kunis is NOT pregnant, she just wore a big t-shirt and went for a walk

Mila Kunis is NOT pregnant, she just wore a big t-shirt and went for a walk
Not pictured: a pregnant woman

Mila Kunis is not pregnant, everyone. She just wore a big vest and ate a burrito. That’s not how babies happen.

Today (October 29th) representatives from both Camp Mila and Lake Ashton Kutcher moved to deny reports that the new couple were expecting, sparked by a paparazzi shot of Mila looking a tiny bit less slender than usual and a couple of pretty hysterical tabloids. Anyway: There will be no Mashton baby. Not right now, anyway.

Sources close to Ashton reckon there's a ticking biological clock in there, hidden

Not pregnant

The couple were spotted on Saturday walking hand-in-hand and doing general couple stuff like meandering down the street drinking juice and wearing uncool trainers because heck, it’s the weekend. But Mila was also wearing a striped vest that, if you squinted and really wanted her to look pregnant, might’ve made it look like she was pregnant.

But a representative has said that she’s not pregnant, so. So there’s that.

You can see here how clothing can effect the shape of a human

For those of you who are halfway through knitting a tiny pair of monogrammed bootees for Mila and Ashton’s baby-that-ain’t, don’t despair: comments made by both halves of the tentative Mashton union suggest that they are, like, super-duper serious and stuff, so a baby could be on the way one day in the future, maybe.


“I do want a family,” Mila told Glamour earlier this year. “I’d rather be in love and have a baby than a movie.”

And a source close to Ashton told Star: “Ashton feels his biological clock is ticking – he’s wanted kids for ages. He’s on a campaign to get Mila to agree to be a mum – and he’s reminded her that he’s had plenty of father practice with [Demi Moore]’s three daughters.” Today’s lesson that we have learned: do not wear loose clothing after a big lunch if you are a Hollywood starlet.


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