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Rihanna gets all Nude on the Internet, sort of

Rihanna gets all Nude on the Internet, sort of

In 'what has Rihanna done this time and when does she find time to sleep' news, Rihanna has unveiled a racy snap of herself on Twitter to promote her new perfume, Nude. Still no idea when she sleeps, though.

You have one guess as to what she is wearing in the picture. Hint, clue: the perfume is called 'Nude'. Also remember: this is Rihanna, wearer of little, exposure of bums.

If you guessed 'she is wearing a wisp of a nude-coloured bra, maybe some pants, and a bit of muslin': go get yourself a cookie.

This is what Rihanna looks like with clothes on, lest you forgot


"Here is my new add for a brand new fragrance #NUDE," she said, three exclamation marks. "Make sure you smell sexy, especially naked, this fall." Smell sexy, especially naked, people. Rihanna has absolutely no time for people who choose to be naked but smell unsexy.

But obviously getting all naked on the Internet and personally concocting another perfume (her third) is not the only thing Rihanna has been getting up to this week. Shall we mention it? Let's touch on things.

Chris Brown

It seems to on-again, off-again rumoured relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown is intensifying, meaning we've spent the last few days hidden behind the sofa with a cushion over our faces, occasionally shouting "no, Rihanna!" and "if for nothing else, his nose stud looks really stupid!".

Chris split with model Karrueche Tran earlier this week

The pair were rumoured to have spent an evening together earlier this week, which was followed up by Chris Brown making some drunken video about being in love with two people. We're presuming at least one of those two people is 'Chris Brown'.

We'll see how this one plays out, but until then if anyone needs us we'll be hiding out back behind the sofa where it is safe, where Chis Brown cannot see.


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