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EXCLUSIVE: Tulisa says, "Fashion doesn't bother me"

EXCLUSIVE: Tulisa says,

It’s our favourite part of Saturday telly – the Tulisa vs Nicole X Factor fashion-off.

“Who’s wearing what?” and “Who looks best?” we muse, as we stuff our faces with junk food and wine along with millions of others.

But it seems one person doesn’t share our obsession – The Female Boss herself.

Asked how she felt about the constant scrutiny (and often criticism) about what she’s wearing, Tulisa exclusively told heatworld: “Everyone that knows me will tell you that the whole fashion thing really doesn’t bother me.

“The other week I was told that I got a really good review and asked if I wanted to read it. I was like, ‘It doesn’t matter, they are only going to cuss me out next week!’

“It completely goes over my head. I don’t understand why there are so many rules when it comes to fashion and how dare another person look at another person’s outfit and say ‘That’s disgusting, you look vile’.

“No - if that’s what they feel comfortable wearing and want to express themselves then so be it. Fashion is about expression.

“Who cares what other people think because you don’t wear it for other people; you wear it for yourself. And at least you are wearing clothes!”

Erm, yes ok Tulisa – we guess a dodgy outfit is superior to flashing…

“I would say I'm controversial when it comes to fashion - people either love it or hate it which is the same with everything that I do!”

Though Tulisa does have certain fashion rules… “I wouldn't wear a tracksuit on X Factor even if I could because that's my chance to glam up,” she said. “I like it and it's two different sides. X Factor on a Saturday night feels like when you get lost in your mum's wardrobe and you get hold of her make-up and just go crazy.

“It's like being a big kid again and you get to have fun be glamorous. There is plenty of time for when I want to wear tracksuits and chill out and that's my day-to-day. X Factor is the fun time where you get to play dress-up and it's fun and I love it.”

Tulisa was also pretty carefree when we asked her about the scrutiny she faces over her weight.

“When I first came on X Factor last year I was this slim and then I put on a couple of pounds and then I lost it again and then I put it on,” she told us.

“I'm not trying to lose weight but it just fluctuates. I never go any lower than eight stone. My natural body weight just goes between eight and eight and three-quarters and I literally bounce between that but never go lower or higher than that.

“Whenever I lose weight I always know it will be back in a month or so. Everyone has got their little range.”

Agreed… although in our case it’s more of a large range…


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