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Katie Price is at war with Maria Fowler on Twitter

katie price fur phone

Katie Price is at war with Maria Fowler. Twitter war.

The glamour model-turned-business woman has launched a long rant at Maria Fowler over some pictures with Leandro Penna.

“Did your set up photos go well with leo,” Katie asked the TOWIE star just an hour ago.

“If you still spoke to me you would be more than updated with the goings on in my life Katie x x,” Maria responded.

maria fowler blacj dress

The insults have been coming thick and fast ever, so fast we can hardly keep up – but the highlights include,

“Set up pictures with anyone is shameful didn't think your scoop that low no problem just what I've been told!” We think Katie meant stoop.

“Lessons on how not to be shameful. Interesting. Maybe discussing in a less public manor would be more appropriate,” from Maria.

Along with this corker, “Didn't @DarrynLyonsMrP say how he took u abroad in his book to do set ups though? Hmmmme.”

And then a bit of a lame comeback from Katie, “Yes when I was 18 when I was young didn't know better x.”

Katie tried to turn attention back to Mario by firing, “I'm not interested in anyone else I'm just stating did you enjoy set up pap pictures with my ex x,” again from an irate Katie.

Maria then hit back, “Accuse me of doing it yet you have sold weddings the lot? It's all in the same bracket.

“And our favourite from Maria, “Your too old to be doing this over twitter it's embarrassing now.”

What do you think of the girls spat? It’s certainly made our Friday afternoon more entertaining.


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