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Rihanna and Chris Brown smoke together and take photos of it

Rihanna and Chris Brown smoke together and take photos of it
It looks like they're definitely back on :(

Although it's a Sunday night and everyone's all curled up on their sofas ready to feel right with the world at the end of a long, cold weekend, we're going to have to depress you with the following news as we're a celebrity news site and this is what we do. The news bit, not necessarily the depressing bit.

Anyway, let's cut to the chase here and tell you the bad news. Chris Brown and Rihanna have not only reunited but now they're tweeting photos of themselves with their faces in. There's absolutely no doubt anymore that they're back together (we were wishing it wasn't so, after all, he once hit her so hard her mouth bled, strangled her and threatened to kill her) now that we've seen these photos.

Chris, has returned to Twitter to bring the world his own special brand of misspellings, sexist taunts and swears once again (remember how he totally took that writer, Jenny Johnson apart, sending her some prett-y obscene stuff in retaliation to her pretty funny tweets?)

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

And on his account, he shared an Instagram photo of him and Rihanna smoking. Though we wouldn't want to say what they're smoking, Rihanna has made no secret of her love for waking and baking, and mentions #420 a LOT in her own Twitter feed.

Chris captioned the photo: "What would music today sound like if these kids didn't exist?"

And our current answer is "a lot less creepy".


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