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Taylor Swift opens up about trendy ex-boyfriend behind lyrics

Taylor Swift opens up about trendy ex-boyfriend behind lyrics
Taylor opened up about the man behind the lyrics

You know the bit in Taylor Swift's mega-hit We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together, where she sings "find your piece of mind with some indie record that's much cooler than mine"?

Well, yes, we know she talks the last bit of it, but she's started to open up about the guy that bit in the song is written about. We all know the types, the trendies who try to make you feel not so cool just because you haven't uploaded a video of the latest edgy songs onto your tumblr or something because you're too busy having fun.

And Taylor has spoken out about the guy behind the song - widely believed to be Jake Gyllenhaal, who she dated for all of five minutes a couple of years ago: "this guy was just so, so cool. It kind of gave e a complex for this album, because he was always going on and on about this new band that was so cool because they were so underground."


Taylor doesn't 'get' too-trendy types
Taylor doesn't 'get' too-trendy types

Speaking to The New York Times, she added: "I have so many indie bands on my iPod. What I don't really understand is the attitude that if a band is unknown, they're good, and if they get fans, then you move on to the next band." She added that she's totally emo, too, and that she worries a lot: "I worry about a lot of things. I put out one album one week, and I'm already worried about the next one. I feel a lot of emotion throughout the course of a day. But not to the point where you need to be worried about me." Phew!


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