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Tulisa Contostavlos’ latest Twitter rant, “You can all bite me”

tulisa contostavlos black lace dress

Tulisa Contostavlos is angry and she’s decided to lash out on Twitter.

The feisty X Factor judge is seriously pee’d off with the media (er, sorry T) and all the haterz, and she decided now's the time to give them all a piece of her mind,

“They want me 2 shut a lifeless robot that plays their shallow media games.. be everything that's expected.. a shadow of my former self.”

See? She is not happy bunny. But Tulisa’s outrage doesn’t ended there,

“Not say what I think, feel or know, in the fear that they might destroy me 4 it. Any1 can write a twisted story,but it takes serious balls.. To b this much in the public eye & scrutinised & still be myself..COMPLETELY!If u think u know me from what u read, u know nothin at all..”

She has also insisted that she’s won't be silences (good, it would be boring if you were),

"So my message 4 the haters n the negative media 4 shuttin up..NEVER GUNA HAPPEN!!! that's what makes me tulisa! SO U CAN ALL BITE ME!"


Tulisa has finished off her rant by speaking to her fans and thanking them for her support,

“N my message 4 my fans, supporters n ndubletts is...THANK U..U KEEP ME ALIVE! don't live a lie 4 any1 no matter they say stay true 2 urself!


“Rant over..on with the day.”



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