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EXCLUSIVE Union J: ‘Fans break into our hotel in the middle of the night!’

EXCLUSIVE Union J: ‘Fans break into our hotel in the middle of the night!’

One D mania eat your heart out – it seems Union J fever is now sweeping the country.

And is it really any surprise given their sexy makeover in this week's heat (we presume you've already bought it and stuck it on your bedroom wall yeah?)

Tales of fans’ crazy escapades to meet One Direction have become legendary (remember when a couple hid in bins for hours?!) but just a few months after they formed it seems Union J are already experiencing similar issues.

We spoke to Union J last week (read all about their sexy new image in this week’s heat magazine) and while we were there, we asked them what was the weirdest thing that had happened to them since they joined the competition.

“Two fans broke into the hotel and peeked through our little eye hole,” George Shelley told us.

“Oh yeah, actually, two more fans last night came upstairs and ended up at the top of the lift,” said JJ Hamblett.

“They were in their onesies!” added Josh Cuthbert.

“Yeah, there were two girls that came up in the middle of the night and then got upstairs and they had to send them straight back down with security,” JJ added.

“I had a girl faint in my arms on Sunday,” said Jaymi Hensley. “I didn’t know what to do with her, so I kind of just handed her to a friend. At the studio where we do a meet and greet on the Sunday – it’s packed, it’s really busy and they’re pushing each other. I said, ‘Are you alright?’ and gave her a hug and I was like ‘Oh, oh, lovely, thank you’ and put her back.”

We've included an exclusive gallery of our amazing shoot with the boys below (we're just so good to you) and there are even more pictures and stories inside the mag.

If you fancy swooning over the boys (please don't faint while a member of the band isn't there to catch you) check out their makeover in this week’s mag - OUT TODAY!!


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