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Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant? Let's examine the evidence with pictures of her concealing a 'baby bump'

It's that time of year again! Not Christmas but that time when JenAn wears a coat and the world squeals “SHE’S PREGNANT!”

Jennifer Aniston!? Pregnant with fiancee Justin Theroux’s child!? It’s the most talked about, dropped, written about and then talked about some more, showbiz story OF ALL TIME - but rumours have gathered momentum once again.

The 43-year-old – who got engaged to Justin earlier this year (JUST CHECK OUT THE SIZE OF HER ROCK HERE!) - headed out for a shopping trip in Los Angeles earlier today.

And she was wearing LOADS OF LAYERS, A COAT, AND SCARVES! Which she may or may not be using to disguise a baby bump. Either that or it’s just ruddy freezing over in LA too.

JenAn has been holding her bags / coats / fiancée in ways that conceal her stomach a lot recently. Indeed she could just be having a right, jolly larf with the world.

But we said that about Kate Middleton and her clutch bag – and SHE’S ROYALLY PREGNANT ISN’T SHE!

While we calm down a bit, let’s maybe take a minute to examine the evidence shall we?

Exhibit 1] Jennifer Aniston conceals her ‘baby bump’ with a bag.
Exhibit 2] Jennifer Aniston conceals her ‘baby bump’ with a scarf.
Exhibit 3] Jennifer Aniston conceals her ‘baby bump’ with a jacket.

Unless that’s just the way Jennifer Aniston carries her bags / scarves / jackets.

We could go on. Luckily for you, we’ve got the so-called picture-based evidence below.

So, IS she pregnant?

YOU decide (that is until she and fiancée Justin Theroux release a formal statement that, err, states her state either way).

This is the picture that has world rumour mill, err, milling. Yes, really.


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