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James Arthur slams Matt Cardle: 'You live in the bargain bin at ASDA'

James Arthur slams Matt Cardle: 'You live in the bargain bin at ASDA'

Let's just have a little look at what James Arthur is up to on Twitter today, shall we? Probably thanking everyone for their support, as he did in this week's heat magazine, on sale at all good retailers now. Probably celebrating his Number #1 single and just enjoying the limelight, kicking back, relaxing. Probably just e-flirting with Caroline Flack. Let's just… oh. Oh. He's having a pop at Matt Cardle again. Oh bloody hell, James Arthur.


In case you do not subscribe to our sister publication Singer-Songwriter Beef Weekly, we will catch you up: before his X Factor win, James Arthur slammed previous male X Factor winners for not putting out any good albums. Then, this week, Matt Cardle found an old newspaper with the comments in and kicked off, pointing to his two top ten albums and the fact that he is still touring. Then last night James sent a series of oblique tweets to his 1.3 million followers that were pretty obviously about Matt. JUST LEAVE IT, YEAH?


"2 million returned and now live in the bargain bin at asda give it up the tunes are brutal," said James, brutally. "the desperation for press is embarrassing."

Gosh, imagine what he'll be like if he has another Number #1 single. Anyway, this is about the most exciting celebrity feud we've got to go on at the moment, let's see what happens next. YOUR MOVE, CARDLE. 


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