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Matt Cardle SLAMS The X Factor's James Arthur: 'James is talented, but I'm more successful'

Matt Cardle SLAMS The X Factor's James Arthur: 'James is talented, but I'm more successful'

 Oh we got a badass over here: former X Factor winner Matt Cardle has taken a shot at the current champ James Arthur in response to comments James made in the run-up to his X Factor win two weeks ago, and now it's all kicking off.

Well, sort of: Basically, everyone realised at the semi-final stage this year that a male singer was definitely going to win The X Factor and then looked at a dusty pile of unsold Steve Brookstein CDs and felt ominous. But at the time, James Arthur attributed the so called 'X Factor curse' that has afflicted male winners to being a simple case of them putting out by-the-numbers albums.


"I find the statistics ridiculous," he told The Sun. "The blokes that have won before have had a niche, they haven't sold records because they haven't made great albums. That's the bottom line."

This went down 'not too well' with former winner and repeated chart botherer Matt Cardle, who today has decided to respond to James' claims by, well, basically pointing to his sales figures and saying "there".

"I said, 'Look, James, you're very talented but you haven't sold two million records yet, which I have'," Matt said, slightly confusingly. "You haven't had two top ten albums yet, which I've had. Don't start mouthing off before you've even really left the show."

Listen, boys, can't we all just get along? Matt, you put James' glasses on. James, you put on Matt's hat. Now hug it out.


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