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Tulisa accused of using 'gangster-type talk' during nightclub row

Tulisa accused of using 'gangster-type talk' during nightclub row

We wouldn't especially ever want to mess with Tulisa Contostavlos, because she seems hard. She seems like she would get up in our collective heatworld grill and click her fingers a lot and say "Dappy" and "you a real thug" and "just BACK OFF, yeah!" so much that we would cry. But that didn't stop one reveller in Newcastle, who allegedly got into a to-do with Tulisa while she was on a night out there with boyfriend Danny Simpson.

As the Sunday Mirror reports, dental nurse Sarah Ashton spotted Tulisa and Danny at Tup Tup Palace in Newcastle last week, where she proceeded to greet Danny by shouting his own name at him. This allegedly went down 'not so well' with Tulisa, who continued the long and cherished tradition of X Factor judges getting in trouble at nightclubs by shouting right back.


"All I did was say ‘Danny’ when he came out of Tup Tup with Tulisa," Sarah told the paper. "She turned around and started using gangster-type talk."

And Sarah's friend Alex Rose added: "Tulisa just went mad. Sarah didn’t even say anything to Tulisa but she was shouting at her."

A spokesperson for Tulisa has refuted the pair's claims, though, obviously. "Tulisa and Danny were minding their own business and as they left the club, two girls started shouting abuse at her. She responded and there was an argument but Tulisa didn’t threaten them. A doorman from the club led her to a taxi."

Tulisa is thought to be planning to spend Christmas with Newcastle defender Danny, while heat is planning to spend the festive period practising our "gangster-type talk". Brap, brap.


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