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X Factor 2012: Christopher Maloney topped public vote for seven weeks! See figures in full here, then pat winner James Arthur some more

X Factor 2012: Christopher Maloney topped public vote for seven weeks! See figures in full here, then pat winner James Arthur some more

Pop your math hat on! We have all the TERRIFYING stats from the X Factor public vote…

It’s math fact - Chris Maloney was winning The X Factor 2012 for a whopping seven weeks in a row.

James Arthur - or King Arthur to some (i.e this heatworld super fan) was crowned The X Factor 2012 champion last night. Hurrah, hurrah, see all the pictures here, hurrah.

BUT HE WASN’T WINNING UNTIL WEEK 8. CHRIS MALONEY WAS. THE SAME CHRIS MALONEY WHO BOWED OUT OF THE LIVE FINAL BECAUSE HE HAD A “sore throat” (*cough* alleged hangover and subsequent Twitter rant *cough*).

Simon Cowell admitted he was worried that Christopher Maloney was going to win - thereby suggesting that all-seeing Simon had, err, seen the below stats and facts - and as such knew how close we’d come to crowning Mr Maloney.

The X Factor lot released the stats after James Arthur beat Jahmene Douglas – winning with 54% in the epic final on Sunday night.

Have a look at the figures in full below, then imagine how different our world could have been this Monday morning… cue dramatic music… Oh and talking of figures, just check out Rihanna's smokin' hotness here.

We miss The X Factor.


- Wildcard Vote
Christopher Maloney 63.5%
Amy Mottram 17.8%
Times Red 12.5%
Adam Burridge 6.2%

- Week 1
Christopher Maloney 28.8%
Jahmene Douglas 13.2%
Ella Henderson 13.1%
Union J 7.3%
Lucy Spraggan 7.3%
James Arthur 5.6%
Kye Sones 4.1%
District3 4.0%
Jade Ellis 4.0%
MK1 3.4%
Melanie Masson 3.2%
Rylan Clark 3.1%
Carolynne Poole 2.9%

- Week 2
Christopher Maloney 21.9%
Jahmene Douglas 11.4%
Rylan Clark 10.2%
Ella Henderson 9.5%
Lucy Spraggan 7.6%
James Arthur 7.4%
Union J 7.1%
Kye Sones 5.3%
Jade Ellis 5.2%
MK1 5.1%
District3 4.7%
Melanie Masson 4.6%

 - Week 3
Christopher Maloney 22.6%
Jahmene Douglas 15.6%
Ella Henderson 10.2%
Rylan Clark 8.8%
District3 8.4%
James Arthur 7.4%
Lucy Spraggan 6.5%
Union J 5.9%
Jade Ellis 5.1%
Kye Sones 4.9%
MK1 4.6%

- Week 4
Christopher Maloney 24.7%
Jahmene Douglas 15.4%
James Arthur 12.0%
District3 10.0%
Kye Sones 10.0%
Ella Henderson 8.2%
Rylan Clark 7.2%
Union J 6.3%
Jade Ellis 6.2%

- Week 5
Christopher Maloney 27.6%
Jahmene Douglas 16.9%
District3 14.7%
Union J 10.4%
Ella Henderson 8.8%
James Arthur 7.7%
Rylan Clark 7.2%
Kye Sones 6.7%

- Week 6
Christopher Maloney 23.6%
Jahmene Douglas 14.9%
James Arthur 14.0%
Ella Henderson 13.0%
Rylan Clark 12.4%
Union J 11.7%
District3 10.4%

- Week 7
Christopher Maloney 26.4%
Jahmene Douglas 17.4%
Rylan Clark 15.7%
Union J 14.7%
James Arthur 13.7%
Ella Henderson 12.1%

- Week 8

James Arthur 40.7%
Christopher Maloney 21.0%
Jahmene Douglas 18.1%
Union J 11.8%
Rylan Clark 8.4%

- Week 9
James Arthur 41.2%
Jahmene Douglas 22.0%
Christopher Maloney 18.7%
Union J 18.1%

- Week 10 – Freeze
James Arthur 51.7%
Jahmene Douglas 31.5%
Christopher Maloney 16.8%

- Week 10 – Final
James Arthur 53.7%
Jahmene Douglas 38.9%
Christopher Maloney (carried over from freeze) 7.4%

Now take your math hat off for a bit, you deserve a cup of tea...


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