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Dappy tells fans to back off his court accusers

Dappy tells fans to back off his court accusers
Dappy has defended the witnesses from his trial

Last week, N-Dubz’s Dappy was found guilty of affray after a bizarre tussle outside a service station involving some odd details: arguments about Brian May, spitting and headlocks.

And now, two of his accusers – 19-year-old women who he allegedly tried to flirt with, leading to the fight – have been getting hell on Twitter from his friends.

“Guys, the girls have had their 15 minutes. Nuthin to be gained by sending hate to them. Just ignore and let's move on... #Daybreak”

One of the accusers, Serena Burton, had gone onto Daybreak to talk about the abuse she’d been getting.

She said: “We have had some horrific messages sent to us and in some ways it was unfair.” “All we did was witness to help those young boys, it’s not a nice thing.” Serena and Grace Cochran had even received death threats, one saying “Ha ha – hope you and your mate die a horrible death.” On the plus side, it looks as if Dappy has matured a bit in the past few years. There was a furore surrounding the pint-sized star in 2010 when he appeared on Chris Moyle’s show on Radio 1. When the show received a text from a woman complaining that Dappy was a “vile…little boy with a silly hat”, Dappy took down her number and texted her abuse. All while N-Dubz were meant to be part of an anti-bullying campaign. Awkward! Dappy will be sentenced for two counts of affray next month.


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