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EXCLUSIVE! Harry Styles’ best friend talks Taylor Swift “When he’s in a relationship, he’s full-on”

EXCLUSIVE! Harry Styles’ best friend talks Taylor Swift “When he’s in a relationship, he’s full-on”

Yesterday, we broke the news that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are FAR from over and, in fact, are talking every day.

Yes. You heard us, #Haylor lives.

If you’ve not read the whole story yet, then you should probably stop what you’re doing and get down to the newsagents. Well, after you’ve read this story.

But, always keen to bring you the #Haylor exclusives here at heat, we also spoke to Harry’s best friend and former bandmate, Will Sweeny.

Things appeared to have dramatically fallen apart on January 4, when Harry and Taylor were reported to have had a "blazing row" and she was photographer leaving the British Virgin Islands alone.

Will, who grew up with Harry and was in the band White Eskimo with him when he auditioned for X Factor (more about them later) confirmed what we already suspected - that there’s no way Harry would give up on love so easily.

“When he’s in a relationship, he’s full-on in it,” said Will. “One time I remember we went all the way to Birmingham out of nowhere because he decided he needed to see this girl.

“We got a train on the day to Birmingham, got off the train, had no idea where she was going to be, it was raining really hard and we walked across the whole of Leamington Spa trying to find her. Then we somehow managed to find an address and it was great, but it was two or three hours of tracking around Birmingham.

“So he goes to great lengths and he’s caring, but he’s full on. In any relationship he’s going to be full on.”

(Are you this girl?? aka the luckiest girl ever?? We need to hear from you??)

Harry with White Eskimo

The couple DID, we revealed, have the blazing row that was so widely reported (but they’ve now made up) and one of the main reasons behind it was the pressure of their busy schedules, something Will says Harry will find hard.

“It’s the fact that he’s got to be different places around the world, if you’re only getting to see your girlfriend once a month because you’re in different countries separately all the time… it must be so strange – having a girlfriend that one day is in Australia and the next day is in Portugal because they’re playing around the world.”

Everyone was quick to believe that Harry had jumped straight into a steamy hot tub sesh with fellow Necker Island party-goer Hermione Way after Taylor left the Caribbean. But a friend exclusively told us “nothing happened” and Will confirmed that the Harry they know and love never had the womaniser tag he’s been so often branded with.

“He didn’t used to be like that – it’s probably just because of the situation he’s in now,” said Will. “There weren’t hundreds of thousands of women throwing themselves at him, that’s probably something to do with it.”

Finally our insider revealed that Harry and Taylor were concerned their relationship had been spoiled by all the media interest in their pairing, something Will can understand.

White Eskimo now

“I think he didn’t realise,” said Will. “Obviously he’s 18 years old and when you’ve got two of the most famous people in the world, I don’t think he knew what that was going to be like. It’s doubled his chances of everyone wanting to see him. Everyone wants to see him and everyone wants to see her, so when they’re both together it’s going to be insane. “

Well, as we’ve already told you, you’ll be seeing them both together soon enough. And yes, it probably will be insane.

Only last week Harry tweeted his support for his former bandmates, who are doing quite nicely themselves. The band will be playing at Manchester’s Hard Rock café on Friday January 18, from 10pm. For more information, go to or follow @White_Eskimo_

We’re not promising Harry will be there but, you know…

Right, now you can go and buy heat.


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