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Harry Styles ‘makes his own decisions’ when it comes to his love life

Harry Styles ‘makes his own decisions’ when it comes to his love life

We told you last week that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are still speaking EVERY day and #Haylor is far from done.

Now sources close to Harry have told heatworld that the couple are very much their ‘own people’ after several stories suggested that the couple had been forced to kiss and make up by Simon Cowell.

We’ve all seen the confessional documentaries with 80s and 90s boybands where they admit they were forced to lie about their love-lives for years on end in case their screaming fans were a little bit upset about it.

We mean, as long as that one off of World’s Apart was ‘single’ we were definitely in with a chance with them, weren’t we?

Anyway, we digress.

A friend of Harry’s tells heatworld that it’s simply not the case when it comes to One Direction and that any decisions he makes about his love life are his own – and not those of Simon Cowell.

One Direction and Harry make their own decisions when it comes to their personal lives,” they told us. “Simon wouldn’t even discuss with the boys who they should or shouldn’t be dating.”

So, basically, what they’re saying is that he’s only got himself to blame for any songs written about him in the future…

And as a source told us last week, when it comes to his feelings for Taylor, Harry's far from done.

An insider claimed: "They're waiting for the dust to settles afte their rown made front-page news. But this is not that last you've seen of their romance."

Oh, and if you want to find out more about #Haylor’s daily phone calls, then run to the newsagents before it disappears off your shelves tomorrow!


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