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Haylor is over? Reports suggest Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have called it quits

Haylor is over? Reports suggest Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have called it quits
The pair posed for fan snaps before the alleged row

In 'new Taylor Swift album' news, it seems Taylor's short-lived fling with One Direction star Harry Styles may already be over after reports emerged of the pair having "an almighty row" while off on one of the dozens of holidays they have been having together.

Yesterday US magazine Famous reported that the couple's high-profile relationship was in crisis, suggesting the pair had fought and stormed off in different directions while holidaying. Both Harry and Taylor indulged in some cryptic tweeting as a result, with Taylor tweeting her own lyrics (her own lyrics) while Harry said "okkkk" and then something about Nando's. So mysterious.

Harry was then seen wandering around on his own, in big ol' swimming shorts


So far, so 'single magazine in the US reports something vaguely believable'. But now a source close to the pair has confirmed to MailOnline that the two argued while enjoying a New Year break in the British Virgin Islands, with Taylor reportedly leaving – on her own ­ – just three days after arriving. And that same source says that everything that was on as recently as New Year's Eve is now off.

"Yes, I can confirm they have split up," the source said, while thousand of fangirls light fireworks, while Ed Sheeran puts a comb through his hair. "They were on holiday and had an almighty row. They are two young stars at the top of their game so who knows what will happen in the future." Well, Taylor will make a sassy country-pop album. Harry will get a tattoo. But, otherwise, yes: Who knows.


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