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James Arthur and Matt Cardle sort of kiss, sort of make up

James Arthur and Matt Cardle sort of kiss, sort of make up

We're not sure it technically counts as a pop feud seeing as the majority of the aforementioned feud is just 'Matt Cardle saying things', but he and James Arthur have been embroiled in a sort of spat since James said some very hurtful stuff about male X Factor winners before he, well, became a male X Factor winner.

But now Matt Cardle has moved to halt the beef, or, if you look at in another way, 'has decided to stop being offended at something James Arthur said five weeks ago'.


"Look, he said something offensive to me," Matt told the Loose Women women. "That [previous winners] had written bad albums – and that's fair enough, he's entitled to his opinion. But we're talking about some brilliant song writers that I wrote songs with."

"I gave him some friendly advice to try and keep your mouth shut a little bit," Cards continued. "I think he's brilliant. I think James is a very, very talented man, I'm sure he'll go very far."

He also mentioned he would like to make up with James properly, over a pint of lukewarm bitter. "We haven't been for a pint yet," Matt said, "[but] I'd love to go for a pint with him." Yeah, no. Sounds like a good idea but we reckon it'd turn into a shirtless car park brawl over which REM song is 'most mellow'. Best to steer clear of that one, Matt.


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