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Justin Bieber is on the verge of becoming Twitter King and knocking Lady GaGa from the top spot!

Soon-To-Be Twitter King?

Move aside Lady Gaga looks like Justin Bieber is set to take the reign as the most powerful person on the Internet!

Bieber fever has gone insane and Justin’s 33 million-strong Beliebers seem to be growing by the second. This could change at any moment but currently he’s just under 20,000 Twitter followers behind GaGa’s 33 million+ followers.

Justin was pulling out all the stops, as we previously reported, by flashing his bum to the world in his bid to become Twitter king. The cheeky teen-mega-star certainly gave himself a little publicity boost by yanking down his pants on Instagram.

As if he hasn’t got enough followers it seems Justin is willing to have a go at a fair few shocking options to gain more followers. To be fair we’d probably do anything to try and beat GaGa too. Well, anything within moderation.

Unfortunately for Justin, it seems his flashy turn did not go down great with his own people after he quickly decided to delete the shock snap. Although it was a little too late because with 33 million followers someone was bound to have copied, sent, screen-shot, print screened it all!

In fact the damage was well and truly done as reportedly 86,000 of his loyal Beliebers had already liked the snap!

Nice one Justin! Are there any of you who aren’t following Bieber on Twitter? Want to contribute to the cause?


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