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Mark Wright wants to make Michelle Keegan his actual girlfriend and everything

Mark Wright wants to make Michelle Keegan his actual girlfriend and everything

Ever since Mark Wright was spotted having what's known technically as 'a right old smooch' with Michelle Keegan while they were both holidaying in Dubai we have been imagining the TOWIE-like goings on in the background that have since unfolded. Desperate calls from Mark to Arg. Mark sitting on a perfectly white leather sofa and earnestly telling Nanny Pat: "I love her, Nan". Michelle Keegan burning all those pictures of her and Max George together.

So we are THRILLED and DELIGHTED to here that Mark Wright wants to proper make a go of it with Michelle Keegan and make her his girlfriend and everything.

"I want to make this work. I really hope this is the beginning," he told The Mirror, in between mouthfuls of sausage plait. "She's like no-one I've ever met. She's a gorgeous girl and I really want to see more of her when I get home."


And a source close to the pair said: "Mark is determined not to let it fizzle out - and that the fireworks are there when they get back. He wants to see if they can make it as a couple and hopes that Michelle does too." THINK of how much money they could save just by sharing their fake tan.

Anyway, and not to get carried away or anything, but we are sounding the 'First New Couple of 2013' klaxon in the office. HOOOONK.


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