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Megan Fox features in ridiculous interview, gets compared to Aztec

Megan Fox features in ridiculous interview, gets compared to Aztec
Megan's a sacrifice, and we're going to tear her heart out. Apparently.

We’re all for odd approaches to interviews – hello Nosy Interview! – but sometimes there’s a line. And we feel this might have been crossed by a journalist over at Esquire who decided to compare Megan Fox to an ancient Aztec in his interview with the "elaborately camouflaged butterfly". Seriously.

In the brilliantly pretentious interview, Megan does her fair share of being a bit out-there, by explaining that she:

1. Is, like, totally ready to talk in tongues – “In the church I go to, during praise and worship I could feel that I was maybe getting ready to speak in tongues.”

2. Believes in voodoo – “Have you ever watched footage of a Santeria gathering or someone doing voodoo? You know how palpable the energy is? Whatever’s going on there, it’s for real.”

3. Wants to be an archaeologist – “I feel like there’s stuffed literally buried [in Israel and Egypt] and buried where the Maya were. I would like to uncover the secrets of the universe. In my fantasy.”

4. Thinks being famous is as bad as being bullied at school – “What people don’t realise is that fame, whatever your worst experience in high school, when you were being bullied by those ten kids in high school, fame is that, but on a global scale, where you’re being bullied by millions of people constantly.”

5. Prefers Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster to Brad and Angelina: “Loch Ness monster – there’s something to it… There’s the Bell Witch… What distracts me from my reality is Bigfoot. They are my celebrities.”

Megan says fame is like high school
Megan says fame is like high school

Hmmm. We wonder if Megan would get round to thinking about all this stuff if she had to do her own laundry. Or maybe she does do her own laundry and it’s so mind-numbing that she distracts herself by thinking of supernatural stuff.

Anyway, much longer parts of the interview have been retold by those naughty scamps Vice, who’ve also included the more colourful parts of the interview, including when the journalist compares Megan’s son, Noah, to actual Noah from the Bible. You know, the man who freed the Hebrews from slavery and parted the Red Sea and walked with them to freedom. Yeah, that.

And now the interview’s gone viral, which might, very possibly, get Megan exactly the sort of attention that makes her feel bullied. Uh oh!


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