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Our birthday gift to Harry Styles – some lovely hair clips. Our Friday gift to you – a GALLERY of Harry wearing hair clips


Oh Harry, are you having a bit of trouble there my love? Would you like a lovely hair clip?

A polka dot bow is a classic, but Harry doesn't look too happy with it unfortunatlely.

Oooh... this rustic-looking alice band however? Suits you Harry!

This pink flower is particularly gorgeous, but we're not sure it goes with his checked shirt.

Minnie Mouse meets Harry Styles? Two of our favourite things? Yes, yes we like this one.

This bejewelled clip looks a bit like a tiara and we like it. Especially for his birthday. LONG LIVE PRINCESS HARRY!

Even Harry's bow is so cool that it's wearing a bow. Like, so chic.

We think Harry's quite enjoying this mix of jewels and flowers. Very... dandy.

Oh Harry - very FRUITY. Ha. Ahaha. Ahaha. Ha.

Harry, don't you like this beautiful Liam Payne clip we made for you?? Would you prefer a Louis Tomlinson one instead?


What do you give the 19-year-old that has everything? Well, if these pictures are anything to go by A SET OF BLOOMING HAIR CLIPS!

We spotted this fan pic on twitter of Harry Styles grappling and struggling with his hair all the time and LOVED it.

We’ve got loads of them here ready to post to the lovely Harry – he just needs to send us his address. We promise we won’t turn up late at night with a bottle of wine. Maybe.

For now, we decided to put together a gallery of what Harry would look like wearing a lovely selection of hair clips. Just because we can.

Happy Friday heatworld readers.

And Happy Birthday Harry Styles


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