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Reality TV fight! X Factor’s Rylan Clark vs. MIC’s Spencer Matthews

Reality TV fight! X Factor’s Rylan Clark vs. MIC’s Spencer Matthews

 So who would win in an almighty Twitter spat between Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews and Celebrity Big Brother champ Rylan Clark? In the words of Harry Hill, there’s only one way to find out…
Last night posh boy Spencer criticised the British public for voting for Rylan on CBB, sparking a war of words between the two Reality TVstars.

Spencer tweeted: “That Rylan guy winning anything epitomises British demise…. @spencerpratt all the way.”

This, coming from the man who was paid to date 24 different women on television for Channel 5’s The Bachelor.
It didn’t take long for Rylan, 24, – who is known for his zingy one-liners – to throw some shade back in Spencer’s direction, retorting: “How about you drop yourself out and run back to your parents bank account, or better still find a fake girlfriend…” Touché!

spencer matthews pink shirt
Rylan’s quick response received hundreds of supportive messages from fans, including Dr Christian Jesson, 35, (who heat recently revealed to be Rylan’s secret crush) who said: “Lol go Rylan go! Great reply. X” Yeah, in your face Spencer.
Spencer then managed to get the last word in saying: “Ooooo she bites… Just my opinion, don’t get your knickers in a twist…”

Hmmm, seems like last time we checked, Spencer, it was you getting your knickers in a twist first. Or should we say your EXTREMELY MANLY Y-FRONTS.
Sorry, but we’re Team Rylan all the way…


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