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The Saturdays’ Una Healy has kissed Justin Bieber, says he has ‘baby soft skin’

In ‘this isn’t creepy at all’ news, The Saturdays’ Una Healy has described Justin Bieber’s cheek as being composed of the babiest of baby soft skin, and she should know, because she’s just had a baby. A big, soft baby.

The Saturdays opened up about what we are not at all dramatically referring to as ‘Kissing-Justin-Biebergate’ while promoting their new reality TV show – Chasing The Saturdays – on Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police.



Justin Bieber was on a TV show with us and I remember I went in for the kiss on the cheek, and he’s got baby soft skin,” said Una. “You sound so creepy though,” Rochelle added, quite rightly. “Maybe don’t tell him that.”

Then Joan Rivers remembered she was Joan Rivers for a moment, and asked Rochelle: “Are you fat or are you pregnant?” Turns out Rochelle is: pregnant.

And when asked how her upcoming Bieber-skinned baby might effect the group, Rochelle said: “Well, it’s not!”, pointing out that Una already had a girl, ten-month-old Aoife Belle. “We’re hoping for a girl so one day we can have Mini Saturdays,” Frankie added. Dancing babies. Dancing babies. WHERE DO WE ORDER THE TOUR TICKETS? 


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