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Tom Daley is all sad now Jennifer Metcalfe is no longer going to be on Splash

Tom Daley is all sad now Jennifer Metcalfe is no longer going to be on Splash

Tom Daley is sad and needs cheering up, girls. He is sad and needs cheering up because Jennifer Metcalfe will not be appearing on Splash!. Won't SOMEBODY just do the DECENT THING and CHEER Tom Daley UP.

Basically, Jen decided earlier this week that she was too heartbroken to get up on a diving board and then jump off of it into a body of water, and so instead is going to focus on other projects, like cackling and plotting revenge on boyfriend thief Samia Ghadie.

Jen pictured with 'that BASTARD'


But Tom has told The Sun that he thinks she should have given it a go anyway, and not just because he wants to see Jennifer Metcalfe in a bikini or anything. Definitely not that.

"It is a shame she has pulled out," he said, presumably while just wearing a pair of trunks. The boy never wears any clothes. “If she had given it a go, it would have been quite a good thing for her to do, but things happen.”

He also promised the new series would be boobs and bums aplenty, seeing as everyone's bikini tops just keep flying off here, there and everywhere.

Go on then, have a picture of Tom Daley naked


"There have been loads of wardrobe malfunctions,” he said. “Celebrities have turned up with bikinis thinking it's all going to be hunky-dory. Lots of bikini bottoms have come off, lots of boobs have come out. All the girls seem to be doing it.

“Anthony Ogogo asked Linda Barker and Charlotte Jackson whether they would prefer to do a really bad dive and everything stays on, or a perfect dive but everything falls off.

“Both said they would rather it go really well and have to get out of the pool naked.” And suddenly we're glad Jo Brand is just a judge.


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