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Want to celeb your life up a bit? Then click here.

Want to celeb your life up a bit? Then click here.

It's cold and dark, and while it is Friday, we still feel like our lives need a bit of a celeb-style makeover.

We mean, things look a lot nicer don't they?

So, we decided to help out. If you want to dance like a celeb, holiday like a celeb, tan like a a celeb, or dress like a celeb, then get clicking through this gallery.

Or get your personal assistant to do it for you, obvs.


This is what we'll look EXACTLY like on Saturday
This is what we'll look EXACTLY like on Saturday
This is what we'll look EXACTLY like on Saturday
This is what we'll look EXACTLY like on Saturday

Now, obviously after a few glasses of wine, we all think we can dance like Beyonce.
In our minds, every time we take to the dance floor, we’re totally Booytlicious.
But if you want to ACTUALLY learn how to dance like Beyonce, the Seen on Screen Beyonce Dance Series classes are for you.
We’re learning how to do the Single Ladies dance tomorrow and cannot wait.
They’ve just opened up a new series of classes to learn the Run The World, Freak’Um Dress and Crazy in Love dances too.
Oh, and if you’re a fan of Rihanna and Lady Gaga, they’re also planning on doing dance classes to learn their routines.
Go to to find out more.

We holiday like celebs a lot. Well, when we say celebs, we mean those people on What Happens In Kavos.
Anyway, if you’re a little more discerning, you should visit WorldTop7, where they claim to basically help you travel, eat and party like a celeb.
You can book holiday destinations and make packages based on recommendations by models, actors and media professionals
Destinations include Jennifer Aniston’s fave One &Only Palmilla Resort in Mexico and Five-star villas in Italy that Justin Timberlake has visited.
For more information, go to

If you’re anything like us, you did your fake tan last night, ready for tonight and have now had to hide your orange knee caps behind a pair of jeans.
Well, if celebs are about to walk down a red carpet, they need to know that’s not going to happen.
That’s why celebs like Ashley Roberts and Laura Whitmore turned to St. Tropez before the National Television Awards on Wednesday.
A St. Tropez spokesperson told us: “Laura had a deep tan applied four days prior to give a rich base coat to her kin. A day before the NTAs, we applied a light top coat of mist to even out her complexion and give her a glow.”
Lovely stuff.

If you want to dress like a celeb, smell like a celeb, wear make-up like a celeb… you get the idea… then the best place to go is our very own Star Style of course!
We’re here every week in the mag and you can also find us online now…
Not sure what to wear this weekend? Or what colour nail varnish you should have on? GO now!!


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