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Zayn Malik - what have you done to your lovely hair?!

Zayn Malik - what have you done to your lovely hair?!
Even he doesn't look that happy about it!

When in Rome, do as the Romans, and the same follows for Japan, according to One Direction fitty Zayn Malik, who’s decided to go for an anime/Pokémon look on the band’s promotional tour to the country.

Unveiling the new, shaggy flat look at a press conference, he wasn’t the only one with newish locks. Liam Payne’s skinhead is ever so slowly growing into a neat little short back and sides, Niall Horan was sporting a sky-high blonde quiff and Louis Tomlinson had his hair similarly vertical in his own quiff.

And just in case you were worried, never fear, Harry Styles hasn’t lopped off his locks, but put some gravity-defying product (we’re guessing) in his curls to make them perk up a bit so he could show off his lovely forehead.

The boys looked delighted to be in Japan
The boys looked delighted to be in Japan

Now, back to the main, pressing issue of Zayn’s flipping hair! What do YOU think of it?

We think we much much preferred the quiff and that this new ‘do is a bit too…purposefully messy. It looks a bit planned, doesn’t it? Not quite the just-rolled-out-of-bed look that he used to rock.

Here’s what the Twitterverse is saying about Zayn’s hair:

@speakingofharry “I'm sorry but i hate Zayn's hair like this he looked 528 times better with a quiff sORRY SOMEONE HAD TO SAY IT GO AHEAD UNFOLLOW ME THTS HOT”

@Lemonlima3 “ I hate his hair he's not the old zayn I first loved :(((((; “

@idkLiv “can zayn just always have a quiff he looks like my brother with is hair down and it makes me feel uncomfortable”

However, it's not all hate.

@Trrauh "ohmygod i can't get over zayn's new hair, so freakin cute"

@awkmalik “Jfc I just wanna rub my fingers through Zayn’s hair it’s so fluffy and hot and full and thick and just pure sex hdjdhsjsbsjs HE is pure sex”


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