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…while Jennifer Metcalfe talks about being dumped on Christmas Day: 'It was like a death'

…while Jennifer Metcalfe talks about being dumped on Christmas Day: 'It was like a death'

Former Dancing On Ice star and ultimate loser in the ongoing love chaos Jennifer Metcalfe has opened up about what it is like to get dumped on Christmas Day, and, briefly, 'it's not very nice'.

And while Samia Ghadie insists she has nothing to apologise for, Jen has said that Sylvain admitted over the phone that i. he had feelings for Samia ii. Samia had feelings for him and iii. that they had totally talked about it and stuff. Then he dumped her.

"It's like a death," she told The Sun, northernly. "I felt gutted. It was the worst Christmas ever."


And she insists that before Sylvain mentioned the S-word (the S-word in this instance being 'Samia'), everything was going great between the pair. Like, babies great.

"Our relationship was great, a really good two years. Marriage and kids were in vision. I loved the guy unconditionally inside and out. He adored me in every way.

“In the early hours of Christmas morning he told me on the phone that Samia and himself had had a conversation about their feelings for each other."

“He didn’t go into detail. He said he fancied Samia but in the next breath he said he loved and adored me — so try and get your head around that one." We cannot get our heard around that one.


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