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EXCLUSIVE! One Direction’s Liam Payne: ‘Our 3D film will show we’re big d**kheads’

EXCLUSIVE! One Direction’s Liam Payne: ‘Our 3D film will show we’re big d**kheads’

Our heads already hurt a bit thinking about the hysteria that One Direction’s 3D film is going to cause at our local cinema when it comes out. Think of the queue for the pick n mix.

But, apart from that we are very excited to see the film, especially as the boys are promising it will reveal what they’re really like behind the scenes… warts and all.

When heat radio caught up with the boys last week, we asked them what the film will show that we don’t already know and Liam Payne frankly told us: “We’re big d**kheads.”

That makes us love him quite a bit.

Zayn Malik more sensibly added: “It’s just going to be the stuff you don’t get to see, the day to day waking up in the morning, actually travelling…”

“Those intimate night times…” added Louis Tomlinson.

Zayn contined: “To the places we travel, exactly those intimate night times Louis, thank you. The bits you don’t get to see. The bits in between.”

Asked if they were fed up of being followed around by the cameras though and missed their privacy, Louis replied: “What an amazing document for us to look back on in 40 years – it’s huge.

“It is what it is. When we came into this we knew that’s the way it could be. That’s just one minor thing compared to so many great things.”

And it seems the boys can’t even get rest from their fans anywhere in the world.

On a recent trip to Ghana for Comic Relief, the boys admitted a group of fans managed to track them down to their hotel.

“On the last day I’d say there were 20 or 30 girls who had made it down to the hotel and found out where we are and that’s nuts,” said Liam. “Thinking about going to Africa for us is the other side of the world, so having people know who you are over there and knowing every detail about you is crazy.”

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