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GALLERY Happy Valentine's Day! Check our our top 20 TV couples


Awww... Talk about young love. Winnie and Kevin in the Wonder Years were toooo cute

Should we have picked Sharon and Grant, or Sharon and Phil?? It's the love triangle that's kept Eastenders writers busy for at least 75 years. And for that, we love it.

We spent most of our teen years wishing Claire Dane's So Called Life was our Actual Life just so we could be stare moodily at Jordan Catalano. Boys that looked like Jared Leto NEVER hung ouy by our lockers. Possibly because we went to an all girls school

Kelso and Jackie! It's the That 70s Show romance, which a decade later spawned an actual romance. Sweet.

Brad and Beth off of Neighbours. Obvs. (p.s. check our Natalie Imbruglia back in the day)

The on-off relationship of Chuck and Blair kept us gripped to Gossip Girl for years xoxo

Buffy and Angel did hot vampires before you'd even HEARD of RPattz and Kstew.

Carrie and her Mr Big! We always wondered if it would happen?! Then it did. Then they made two more films where it went a bit wrong again.

At the dawn of gorgeous George, there was Dr Doug and nurse Carol. And it was lovely.


It's the love that crossed species. Kermit and Miss Piggy. Obvs.

ESPECIALLY FOR YOU (here's a picture of Charlene and Scott)

Seth and Summer beat Ryan and Marissa HANDS DOWN

Nessa was never meant to be with Dave Coaches - it was always gonna be Smithy.

Sweeeeet Valley, Sweeeeet Valley Hiiiiiiiiiigh. Todd and Elizabeth. Yes.

We don't really care how Ted met those kids' mother... it's all about Marshall and Lily.

TIM AND DAWN. The bit, the bit where he comes back to the party!!

We were never that bovved about Dawson and his Creek, Joey and Pacey were where it was at. True love. And loads of talking.

Homer and Marge. Three kids, his eating habits, her mental hair. Stil hot for each other.

We don't think we knew that Zack and Kelly off of Saved By The Bell got married.... but they did. In a one-off special called "Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas"


Ahhh, love always looks better on the telly doesn't it?

There's no fights over socks, no awkward first dates, no stomach-churning moments when you grab your phone to see who you drunk-dialled last night... just well romantic and that.

So, on Valentine's Day, we thought we'd look at love through rose-tinted glasses by bringing you a gallery of our top 20 TV couples. It'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy, we promise.


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