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Jonathan Ross claims he was being bullied after being involved in Twitter row with Jodie Marsh…

Jonathan Ross claims he was being bullied after being involved in Twitter row with Jodie Marsh…

Jonathan Ross has claimed that he feel “bullied” and “hounded” after Jodie Marsh attempted to spark up some publicity for her new TV show.

Strangely enough, the show that the former model was attempting to draw attention to is about bullying.

The campaign started on the social networking site with Jodie tweeting, “In one hour we are all going to beg someone to help me promote my new anti bullying TV shows to millions!These shows CAN make a difference!”

It turned out begging Jonathan did not go down too well with the TV host.

Don’t push…

Once the 33-year-old had captured the attention of her followers, she began her publicity drive, pushing the hashtag, #getjodieonJonathanRosstoraiseawareness.

“My new TV shows have the power to save lives & stamp out bullying. All I need is EVERYONE to watch them. You ready to help me? Ready.....”

“Please can everyone ask @wossy to have me on his show to promote my #antibullying shows coming out. We need the whole country to watch them!”

After this, she continued to tweet messages of encouragement to her 500,000 followers – until that was, Wossy decided to bite back.

“Getting your followers to hound me is exactly the right way to ensure you never get asked on.”


Wossy's mentions must have been through the roof...

Shortly after he posted the tweet, the Radio 2 presenter deleted it. However, it was seen by Jodie who was less than pleased by the rejection.

“Didn't I say earlier that high profile people don't want to help........ Sad sad times! Well we tried folks.”

“I wonder how he'd feel if one of his kids was being bullied? Do you think it'd be a different story? X x”

“No no, really it's ok. Just get another "star" on to talk about drugs & their new film & their new single. Don't worry about saving lives x”

A bit below the belt? Maybe?


It was late last night when the argument came to a close, with Jonathan logging back onto his Twitter to make his feelings clear about the whole situation.

“Very strange experience getting harassed and bullied by people wanting to me to help stop bullying. Surreal.”

Jodie soon saw the comment and instantly went online to refute his claims.

“To clarify, we were "hounding" him for a good reason & we were asking nicely. Why WOULDN'T someone want to help the cause? Beats me.... X”

Maybe go back to the drawing board, Jodie. You could try letters next...


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