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Justin Bieber attempts to counter Grammys snub, fails, takes shirt off

Justin Bieber we just want to take your by your little shoulders and shake you and say “it’s alright little buddy”, just say “it’s okay little bud”, and just give you a Capri Sun and take you to the park for a day and get you away from All This Nonsense.  

Because this weekend Justin attempted to get away from his Grammy Award snub – the kid wasn’t nominated for any of this year’s categories, leading to manager Scooter Braun having ‘a Twitter attack’ – by livestreaming a fan cast from two websites, starting at the exact moment the Grammy coverage started on TV. Only, uh, he crashed both websites. He is so popular he crashed two entire websites. 

“Livestream is over capacity it [is] not letting me in the room,” he tweeted. He then tried Ustream but then he ruined Ustream, too. “Really no ustream is over capacity my fans are amazing but this is frustrating.”



So then he took his shirt off and recorded an apology video for his fans because that is the natural reaction to these things.

2013 has been a not groovy year for Biebs so far, with controversy after controversy – drug allegations, Rihanna allegations, photographer whoopsies – marring his squeaky clean image. Justin: Offer to just go hang with some OJ and a swingset still stands, little buddo.

You can watch Justin Bieber not being at the Grammy Awards tonight at 10pm on 4Music


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