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Ke$ha admits to drinking her own pee. But is anyone really that surprised?

Ke$ha admits to drinking her own pee. But is anyone really that surprised?

Oh Ke$ha – what are we going to do with you, eh?

Tick Tock star Ke$ha has revealed that she once drank her own wee wee. She made the fairly rank admission on Radio 1 when she was talking about what will appear on her new TV show, Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life.

The 25-year-old was told it was good for you to drink your own urine, so she just went for it.

“I was told drinking my own pee was good, I was trying to be healthy.

“Somebody tried to take my pee away from me and I said, 'That is mine!' So I snatched it up and took a chug and it was really gross, so I don't do it anymore.”

She sounds surprised that it was gross?!?!

The show is due to air on MTV in April and was filmed by Ke$ha’s little brother Lagan Serbert.

“It's my brother and his weird friend following me around for the past two-and-a-half years. We didn't know what we were doing per se, but it's my little brother and he's my best friend.

“He's got me wasted at 6am ... He got all the things you would want to see and all the things you wouldn't really want to see - making out with dudes, drinking my own pee, jumping out of a building, jumping out of aeroplanes, swimming with sharks ...”

Does Ke$ha smell like a hobo wearing a diaper filled with shrimps?

It seems like people aren’t loving her crazy behaviour, and when asked about how often she is told she is amazing, she complained: “Not enough! My fans are amazing to me, but usually the people around me say, 'You're disgusting!' or, 'Put your pants on!' or 'You're late!' Or they say, 'You smell weird, what's that smell?' I smell like a hobo.

“One time, someone told me I smelt like a shrimp on a diaper. I thought I could make a fragrance that was little like a shrimp on a Faberge diaper, but I don't know if people want to smell like that.”



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