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Top Hollywood stars reveal their screen crushes (Ben Affleck fancies a bit of Brad Pitt)

We LOVE this.

W magazine have released a series of ultra-cool black and white films, asking 25 of the hottest stars around, ‘Who is your cinematic crush’.

Above you can watch Emma Stone revealing hers – NB, it’s not Andrew Garfield.

Ben Affleck kicks off the LOLs by revealing he loves a bit of Brad Pitt. “To me, he is like the perfect man and actor,” says not-so-bad-yourself Ben. “Brad, I hope this doesn’t disturb you.”

We’re sure it won’t, but Matt Damon might be a bit sad.

We fell head over heels watching Elle Fanning scream and giggle her way through recounting how she met her screen crush (and EVERYONE here at heat towers’) Ryan Gosling.

“I remember meeting him for the first time and I freaked out,” she screams at approximately 1,000 words a minute. “He stares into your souls and he is really tall and I’m used to being the tall one but he’s tall so he was looking down at me and he was like, ‘So, it’s nice to meet you’ and then shook my hand and you know that thing when you shake a person’s hand and you bring the other one up and clasp the hands?” And finally, she breathes. “It was like that.” Amazing.

If you’re after capturing the heart of Bradley Cooper (and, let’s face it, who isn’t?)  you need to look a bit like this….

Yep, B Coop is all about Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago. “Utterly obsessed,” he says.

Matthew McConaughey opts for Lisa Bonet (Denise Huxtable off of The Cosby Show) in Angelheart. We’d like to show you a picture, but she’s topless quite a lot. Other than that, he picks Susan Sarandon. “Her pores are huge – woman comes out of her…” he says. Ok.

Jessica Chastain recalls how she burst into ACTUAL tears on a red carpet, in front of a camera when Gary Oldman (who she’d crushed on since watching him in Dracula) came up and admitted he’d been too shy to introduce himself at a restaurant the day before.

Kristen Stewart plays with her hair like those kids in school that the Primary Teacher makes sit on their hands, explaining how she was in love with Harrison Ford, but now it’s Amy Adams, who we also love quite a lot.

But perhaps the funniest is Rebel Wilson, revealing her love for the Sexiest Man Alive, 2012 – Channing Tatum.

Channing Tatum,” she says. “I’m too nervous to even say it. What if he sees this and is like, ‘Rebel Wilson is my celeb crush, let me get divorced from my wife and come and find out where she lives’. Alright Channing, if you want to do that, my address is…”

If you want to watch the videos in full, go here


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