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Carol Vorderman falls down stairs in high heels and breaks her nose

Carol Vorderman falls down stairs in high heels and breaks her nose

Poor Carol Vorderman has done what many of us have done before – taken a tumble in high heels. But sadly for the Loose Women star, the accident has left her with a broken nose and large cuts to her eyelid and forehead.


Carol was running down a set of stairs in a tower block after a meeting when she tripped. She had her hands in her pockets so couldn’t break her fall.

After the tumble Carol, 52, called her 37-year-old boyfriend, Graham Duff, for help before being taken to a London hospital for an operation on her broken nose. She also had stitches in her forehead and eyelid.

Carol Vorderman

Carol told The Sun: “I’m feeling OK but because I had my hands in my coat pockets while I was running, I had nothing to break my fall except my head.

“I really do look like I’ve done eight rounds with Muhammad Ali!

“The bruising round my eye has reached its peak.”

The former Countdown star admitted she felt like a “complete idiot” after her 4 inch heels caused her fall.

She added: “I have stitches in my forehead and my left eyelid but am just counting my blessings that I didn’t damage my skull or the left eye itself.

“I feel like a complete idiot and have had to cancel work for a few weeks so there’ll be no more Loose Women for me for a while.

“I have a plaster cast on my nose for a week and hope that the swelling starts to go down.”

Get well soon Carol.


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